What's the deal with gut health: and the connection to our immune system? Interview with Liz Kaelin.

What's the deal with gut health with Liz Kaelin

We talk about gut health with Liz Kaelin MSc, RDN Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.

More people have become aware of and interested in their gut health. So we're asking Liz a question each week to unravel what is the deal is with gut health, why it's important and how to look after it better.

This week we ask Liz 2 questions:

"Why is there such an interest in gut health and its connection to our immune system?"

Liz: 70% of our immunity cells are found in our gut. Because the majority of our immune system lives in our gut it’s so important for our overall health to take care of our gut. Although there has been a lot of research done and interest in the connection between gut and immune health and things like the gut-brain axis, there is still so much more research that can be done to fully understand it. 

The increasing awareness of the role our gut plays in our health has led to a real resurgence in people being more conscious about how the food we eat also feeds our immune system, as well as our bodies. 

By looking after the gut with a balanced diet we strengthen our immunity to fight off bad bugs when we get sick. A stronger immune system means we fall sick less often and for shorter periods.

How does diet and what we eat affect our immune system?

Liz: Diet is one of the strongest indicators of how healthy a human is, especially with the direct correlation between your diet, gut and immune system. Modern medical practice has shifted from focusing on treating diseases to the step before which is wellness in order to prevent illness. Looking after your health before you get sick and before there are any issues gives you a better chance of being and staying healthy.

Food can act as medicine to help prevent illness. The healthier you are with your diet the better chance you’ll have of maintaining overall health.

Next week Liz helps us answer "Are there certain foods we should eat more of?".

With a career spanning entrepreneurship & innovation, industry, non-profits and academia, Elizabeth Kaelin is Australia’s Most Business Minded Dietitian and consultant for 20+ years who understands food, nutrition, health and startups having recently sold her million dollar business (Caitre’d - the Catering Concierge -  featured on Shark Tank.)

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