What is mindful eating - interview with Shahna Sarpi

Mindful eating interview with Shahna Sarpi

Shahna Sarpi is a qualified Nutritionist and healthy lifestyle advocate. We talk to her about living a "nourished life".

We're seeing more and more people turn towards meditation in an effort to bring greater mindfulness to their daily routines. It's easy to push through one thing after another in our hectic lives. Meal-times can often be something we need to rush through before the next meeting or place we need to get to.

This week we ask Shahna what is means to eat mindfully.

In your Nourished Gut programme you talk about mindful eating. What does this mean - do we have to chew each mouthful ten times before swallowing?

Shahna: Mindful eating is all about being present with your food. It’s so easy to eat while doing something else or watching TV, but before we even realise it the food is gone and we don’t get to fully enjoy it. 

The best way to eat mindfully is to sit at a table, away from technology (including your phone) and take each bite mindfully. Noticing the smell, taste and texture of your food. And yes, as you mentioned it does also involve chewing your food properly! Some people say to chew your food as much as 20-30 times per mouthful, but I personally don’t think you need to count as it varies depending on what you’re eating.

Listening to your hunger cues is another important part of mindful eating. Be aware of when you’re actually hungry, as opposed to eating out of habit or boredom. Then, when you are eating, tune in and eat until you feel full and satisfied.

Fern: Thanks for talking us through how we can eat more mindfully. It sounds like it's really about taking the time to enjoy the process of eating so that we can feel properly nourished!

Next week Shahna talks to us about sleep and the role it plays in gut health.

With a real food approach to nutrition, Shahna aims to simplify health and show people how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. She’s on a mission to inspire people to take charge of their health and build healthy habits that will support them in feeling amazing.You can find Shahna over on instagram at @projectnourish or check out her website www.shahnasarpi.com for plenty of recipes and resources.

Meditation image by Shashi @thephotographermom