What foods should we eat for good gut health - interview with Rachel Larsson.

What foods are good for gut health?

Even though there's an increasing awareness and understanding of the need to maintain good gut health, what should we be feeding our guts to maintain a healthy digestive system?

We ask Rachel Larsson, a Melbourne based practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and holistic gut health expert:

From a gut-health perspective, what foods should we eat more of?

Rachel: There are a couple of basic rules, where the two main ones I like to say are “diversity” and “fibre”. The wholefood diet is definitely what we need to be having, but what you need to have to make a big difference is diversity of wholefoods. 

You should aim to have 40 different plant-based foods per week. It might seem like a lot, but one way to do this is to include herbs and spices. For example, if you’re making a dressing then chuck a few different herbs in there. Also, if you're used to having orange carrots then try purple ones, or if you normally eat red capsicum try green ones as well. You don’t have to eat completely different foods, choosing even slight variances can make a difference. I usually recommend sprinkling different herbs into your meal as a good place to start.

In terms of fibre, women need 25g of fibre per day while men require 30g as a minimum. If you’re already eating a diverse range of plant based foods, then you’re also more likely to already be hitting this next goal of having enough fibre in your diet as most wholefoods are a good source of fibre.

 A diverse wholefood diet gives you a diverse microbiome because you’ll be eating lots of different nutrients that will help feed the different species of bacteria in your gut. You can up your fibre intake with any wholefood, from legumes and nuts to all fruit and vegetables. Some people choose to pimp up their food with a teaspoon of chia seeds, psyllium husk or ground flax seeds, but even just having oats with fruits and nuts will give you more fibre than porridge with brown sugar.

Next week Rachel shares with us her her tips on how to maintain a good gut diet.

Rachel specialises in holistic gut health, IBS, SIBO, food allergies and intolerances. We love that she is particularly passionate about helping people heal their gut, calm their minds and fall in love with food again. Find her on Instagram @rachel.larssonFacebook and at www.rachellarsson.com.au

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