Thoughts on "superfoods" from a Nutritionist & Naturopath - interview with Rachel Larsson.

Thoughts on superfoods from Rachel Larsson


We've been talking to Rachel Larsson, a Melbourne based practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and holistic gut health expert on the gut-brain axis, what foods we should eat more of to support gut-health and tips on how to maintain a healthy-gut diet.

Today we ask her about superfoods and her views on this.

What are your thoughts about “superfoods” and people’s enthusiasm for them?

Rachel: In the health industry people have really latched onto things like goji berries and maca powder because they want one thing to be the answer to all their problems. There’s expectation on these little foods to have remarkable effects. However, I think all wholefoods are superfoods and if we do want to talk about foods as having these super powers then we actually need to think of wholefoods as medicine, rather than giving single foods a “superfood” label. It’s not possible to have one thing cure all. 

For example, giving maca the superfood label doesn’t mean that it will normalise everyone’s hormones with all the different variances everyone has. However, if you are eating that diverse wholefood diet then all the other nutrients you are getting from other foods together with the maca could make a difference.

Another example is thinking that drinking green tea alone will enable weight-loss. Instead, if you’re eating a varied wholefood diet, together with drinking green tea then the combination of foods will have a stronger impact.

It’s not just about eating single “superfoods” but actually having a superfood diet. I see the humble carrot, the humble linseed and olive oil all as phenomenal in their own right. Combining these foods into a superfood diet means you don't need to rely on the latest new age or exotic “superfood”.


Rachel specialises in holistic gut health, IBS, SIBO, food allergies and intolerances. We love that she is particularly passionate about helping people heal their gut, calm their minds and fall in love with food again. Find her on Instagram @rachel.larssonFacebook and at

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