Thoughts on "superfoods" from a Nutritionist - interview with Hannah Jones

Thoughts on "superfoods" from a Nutritionist - interview with Hannah Jones

Images: from Unsplash by Maddi Bazzocco, and Nutritionist Hannah Jones

This month we've been speaking to Hannah Jones about nutrition and anxiety, recent gut-health findings and intuitive-eating. To round off our conversations with Hannah we ask her our signature question this week:

What's your thoughts on Superfoods?

Hannah: It does seem to be overused. By definition, superfoods are just the more nutrient dense foods that provide an array of antioxidants: flavonoids and polyphenols, but really anything that is a whole food could be a ‘superfood’. 

Obviously some foods are higher in nutrient density than others and it would make sense for Nutritionists to love the concept of superfoods but I believe in having a balanced diet. If you’re eating well then you will naturally be incorporating superfoods.

If we’re talking about the less common wholefoods, red papaya is my favourite, but there are many common wholefoods that are nutrient dense like avocados and berries.

Albeit some ‘superfoods’ like berries are so heavily sprayed with fungicides and insecticides that unless you buy organically grown berries the chemicals negate any of the superfood properties. Even if you wash them before eating, the skins of berries are so porous that it just sucks the chemicals right in, so washing doesn’t actually make a difference.

I love berries but find that fresh organic berries are expensive. So I try to buy organic frozen berries, which are much cheaper and I can just whack them frozen into a smoothie.

With the current climate in the world I believe more emphasis needs to be given to building up your immune system with a full range of whole and superfoods to give your body the strength to fight off anything that could come at it! 

Your immune system is key to your health and can take time to fix. Although the best time to fix it is yesterday and the next best time is now.


Hannah is a professional Nutritionist who specialises in holistic gut health, nutritional therapy, dietary education and diet plans. She is committed to forming relationships with patients looking to lose or manage their weight, create individualised diet plans, and much more. Hannah is here to improve her clients' quality of life - you can reach her at or follow her on Instagram @nutrition_with_hannah.