Thoughts on "superfoods" from a Dietitian - interview with Liz Kaelin.

Thoughts on superfoods from Liz Kaelin

We've been talking about gut health with Liz Kaelin MSc, RDN Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. This week we dive into her thoughts on "superfoods" and their health benefits.

What are your thoughts about “superfoods” and people’s enthusiasm for them?

Liz: Sure, there are some foods that are more nutritionally dense such as nuts and certain vegetables and fruit, but I believe in the analogy that it “takes a village” to maintain good health through your diet. In old times you’d have a village with a butcher, a baker, farmers, perhaps a fish monger - you’d need a range of producers in the village for it to function as a well balanced society. Food and our diets definitely have the same concept for good wellbeing. Single foods themselves aren’t going to solve problems. Instead, focusing on a holistic view of eating different wholefoods and trying to eat as wide a variety as possible will allow you to build a fully functioning diet that can support your overall wellbeing.

Just as a rainbow is made of many different colours, you should try to eat lots of different colours to get all the different nutrients that different wholefoods offer.

It’s also important to be aware of the source of your food, even if it is naturally more nutritionally dense, the way it is farmed or produced such as organically can impact the nutritional levels in the food. 

For example, if you’re going to eat a salad with a bit of cheese, then the cheese will be nutritionally better if it comes from happy organically fed cows. Ultimately, “happy” foods will make for a happier gut and better overall health!

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With a career spanning entrepreneurship & innovation, industry, non-profits and academia, Elizabeth Kaelin is Australia’s Most Business Minded Dietitian and consultant for 20+ years who understands food, nutrition, health and startups having recently sold her million dollar business (Caitre’d - the Catering Concierge -  featured on Shark Tank.)