Living the Nourished Life - interview with Shahna Sarpi

Swap This Nutritionists Recommend by Shahna Sarpi


Shahna Sarpi is a qualified Nutritionist and healthy lifestyle advocate. We ask her all about how to live a "nourished life"!

There are so many “health food” products out there today, especially in our supermarkets. We know that some of them really aren't as healthy as they claim. That's why we love ❤️  Shahna's "swap this" product reviews that uncover which are the truly healthy product option.

This week we ask her how we can tell them apart ourselves.

How is it that some are healthier than others and what is your big tip for picking out the truly healthy products?

Shahna: It really comes back to looking at the ingredients list and checking that the product is made up of real foods.

So often you’ll see a bunch of additives, highly refined ingredients, added sugars and preservatives, this rules out a lot of products pretty quickly.

Generally what you’re left with, the real food products, are going to be miles ahead of the rest. While many people encourage you to look at the numbers on the nutrition panel, in my opinion it’s far more important to base your decisions off the ingredients first and foremost.

Fern: Sounds like being able to easily recognise all the ingredient in the ingredients list is a good start!

Next week we ask Shahna her advice on how those who struggle with cooking can get a little more creative in the kitchen.

With a real food approach to nutrition, Shahna aims to simplify health and show people how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. She’s on a mission to inspire people to take charge of their health and build healthy habits that will support them in feeling amazing.You can find Shahna over on instagram at @projectnourish or check out her website for plenty of recipes and resources.