How to spark creativity in the kitchen - interview with Shahna Sarpi

Spark creativity in the kitchen

Image: Breakfast nori wrap, find other delicious meal ideas by Shahna on @projectnourish

Shahna Sarpi is a qualified Nutritionist, healthy lifestyle advocate and prolific developer of delicious recipes!

We always enjoy seeing Shahna's creative new recipes from delicious nori breakfast wraps to her recent chocolate stuffed peanut butter cookies as a collaboration between 28 by Sam Wood and Mayvers peanut butter.

This week we ask Shahna how non-cooks can get inspired in the kitchen!

For people that struggle with cooking but love eating, what's your recommendation to spark creativity in the kitchen and when grocery shopping?

For those who struggle with cooking I definitely recommend keeping it simple but also not being afraid to give new things a go (often it’s easier and more fun than you think). Try things like one pan meals and stir fries, or think of your favourite take-away and make a healthy homemade version. You may also find it helpful to cook big batches of meals so you don’t have to cook as often.

Some great ways to spark creativity include looking through cookbooks, scanning food blogs or watching cooking videos to get some inspiration and motivate you to give the delicious looking recipes a go. The real challenge is not spending hours looking at all the amazing food! 

When it comes to supermarket shopping, it really pays to be organised and plan your meals ahead. If we shop without a plan, we tend to end up with a whole bunch of yummy foods and ingredients but no idea what we’re doing with them. (Note from Fern - this sounds like me!)

Planning meals can be as simple as choosing a few meals you’d like to have that week and writing a shopping list so you don’t miss anything. My personal strategy is to plan out 7 meals for the week, they become my dinners and I always make 2 servings so that I have leftovers for lunch.

Fern: Brilliant! Now we have a game plan for next week's shopping - I'm actually looking forward to doing my weekly shop!

Next week we talk to Shahna about mindful eating and what this means.

With a real food approach to nutrition, Shahna aims to simplify health and show people how easy and delicious healthy eating can be. She’s on a mission to inspire people to take charge of their health and build healthy habits that will support them in feeling amazing.You can find Shahna over on instagram at @projectnourish or check out her website for plenty of recipes and resources.