Gut-health differences between men and women - interview with Hannah Jones

Gut-health differences between men and women - interview with Hannah Jones

Images: from Unsplash by Ava Sol, and Nutritionist Hannah Jones

We've been speaking to Nutritionist Hannah Jones this month on our mindsets on eating and nutrition for anxiety. This week she shares with us some interesting findings on gut-health.

You've shared some interesting gut-related facts particularly the difference between men and women. For those that might have missed it, can you share this with us again and whether this means the men and women should approach gut-health differently?

Hannah: The research on this is still in its very early days, but statistics show that women have more gut related upsets. IBS and gastrointestinal upsets are higher in women than men but there’s not as much studies out there as to why this might be the case.

Most research on the gut microbiome is only 10 to 15yrs old, which is still very new compared to many other health research, but there is more and more research being done. One of the studies I’ve come across is that the intestinal nerve cells in women are more sluggish compared to men. 

Another potential reason is that women are more often treated for stress-related issues than men and stress creates a lot of gut upset. There’s a lot of data coming out to say that anxiety, IBS and depression are extremely correlated and that most people with IBS also suffer from depression. However, statistically, women go to the doctor more than men so it could also be a reflection of who is being treated.

What is known is that there are more genes in your gut than your whole body so your gut holds a lot of information on your health predispositions.

Fern: Super interesting findings, even if the research is still in its early stages. It'll be fascinating to find out as more research is done what other secrets lay hidden in our gut!

Next week we ask Hannah our signature question on her thoughts about 'superfoods'.

Hannah is a professional Nutritionist who specialises in holistic gut health, nutritional therapy, dietary education and diet plans. She is committed to forming relationships with patients looking to lose or manage their weight, create individualised diet plans, and much more. Hannah is here to improve her clients' quality of life - you can reach her at or follow her on Instagram @nutrition_with_hannah.