An unexpected journey to Ayurveda - interview with Dhanya Nambiar

An unexpected journey to Ayurveda

Images from: Unsplash by Hans Vivek, and Ayurveda Advisor Dhanya Nambiar

This month we speak to Dhanya Nambiar, a practitioner of Ayurveda and a certified Ayurvedic Health Advisor through the Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga School.

She's going to help use shed some light on this ancient practise as so many of the ingredients we use for our superfood seasonings are stepped in Ayurvedic history. We start this week by asking her about how she came to practise Ayurveda.

Tell us about your unexpected journey to Ayurveda and how it has changed your life?

Dhanya: I went through a particularly stressful period in early 2018, which was when I realised that I had been tired and uncomfortable for years. I was in a highly competitive academic career, I had a young family, and I felt the pressure to constantly prove myself and do it all perfectly. Despite being in my early 30s, I had dry skin and joints, regular acne flare ups, gas and constipation, imbalanced hormones and I often felt fatigued, irritable and impatient with others. Over the years, this had become normalised and I thought it was just how things were - with me, and the people around me. I thought this meant I was high achieving and ticking all the boxes.  

One day, I had a mild anxiety attack as I was walking to pick my daughter up after work. Working in mental health, I recognised the signs, and knew I had to make a change before things got worse. I decided to slow down and pay attention. A month or so went by, and one day I was at the library with my daughter when I came across a book on natural healing with Ayurveda. Despite having no background in this area and being very Western science oriented, something compelled me to borrow this book, and I haven’t looked back. Many books, podcasts and practices later, I completed a certificate in Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle at Hale Pule School of Ayurveda and Yoga. 

I healed my digestion, my skin and my hormonal health without medication, excessive diets or exercise. More importantly, I regained my natural calm and joyful self with commitment, patience and Ayurvedic practices, and found a new path in my life. It became the science I wanted to learn and grow from. Health is as much a state of mind as it is body, and from there we can enjoy happiness, freedom and longevity. Now I can share my knowledge and experience with other people, and that brings me joy too.

Next week, we talk to Dhanya about the origins or Ayurveda and its long history.


Dhanya Nambiar is the founder of Prana Ayurveda, and a certified Ayurvedic Health Advisor through the Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga School. With a PhD in public health and a decade of research in mental health and addiction, Dhanya’s vision for Prana is to empower individuals to find their true state of wellness in mind, body and spirit through simple, everyday practices. Having personally healed from chronic inflammation and weak digestion through Ayurveda, she discovered how making adjustments to food and lifestyle brought changes within weeks – more energy, clarity around what her body needed and most importantly a positive relationship with herself. That’s what she wants to share with others to help them discover their plan for balance and longevity. Find out more at Prana Ayurveda or follow her on Instagram @prana_with_dhanya.